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About scheduleSage

scheduleSage was designed and coded by Canadian-American Ian McKenzie after feeling both dehumanized and dehumanizing others when scheduling meetings with people using apps with impersonal interfaces and impersonal greetings — all the while the branding shoves THEIR business branding in your face, instead of your own!

scheduleSage is a Curious Markings Co. project.

The one thing tech companies refuse to admit is that when their software inevitably fails, the human who has been failed must be taken care of by another human. We keep our subscriber base small so we can focus on the humans when something goes wrong, even if the 'problem' was you being sleepy and not seeing a big, shiny, obvious button. If you see a service like ours for less than what we charge, it's more than likely double-speak for, "if something goes wrong, you're on your own, buddy."